Local Events

The ‘Fireball Ceremony

Is probably the most famous local event. It takes place on Dec 31st. It is believed to date back to pagan times. Fireballs made from wire and cloth, are attached to ropes and swung by locals in order to chase out the devil and ward off evil spirits that might blight the well being of the town. A sight to be seen!

R.W. Thomson Vintage car rally

End of June. An impressive array of vintage cars, trucks and buses arrive in Stonehaven and you can wander around and reminisce or just admire the vehicles on display.

International Folk Festival

Mid July. The town is buzzing with the sound of singers and bands. Concerts are both impromptu and organised. A great time to be in the town.

Stonehaven Highland Games

Mid July. See Caber Tossing, Tug-o-war, Highland Dancing and Pipe Bands. A very popular annual event.

Harbour Hi-Jinks

happens in August with raft racing, competitions and local stalls.

The Feein’ Market

is held on the first Saturday in June, local people dress up in olden day costume and businesses and charities have stalls - it's a fun day out and it's free.